Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

Most new-borns tend to cry a lot, and it becomes difficult for parents and caregivers to deal with an ever-cranky baby. Babies can cry for many reasons such as when they are hungry, when they feel unwell, or when they are sleepy. A wet diaper or an uncomfortable piece of clothing may also irritate a baby.

Any discomfort in their tummy such as gas can also cause babies to cry. When your baby cries try first to determine if any of the above mentioned factors are making him uncomfortable. If your baby seems to crying for no apparent reason there are different ways by which you can comfort him/her.

Babies love the feeling of warmth and hence like to be held. Holding you baby close to your body and cuddling him/her can give a sense of reassurance and warmth to your baby and can help soothe him/her.

Since your baby was cosy and warm inside your womb, you may need to replicate the same to comfort his/her fussiness. Hence, swaddling your baby comfortably in a blanket can give him the feeling of being comfortable in your womb.

Gently rocking your baby in your hand or placing him/her in a cradle or swing can help put your baby to sleep as most babies love gentle rhythmic motion.

Playing soft music or singing a lullaby can also help comfort a crying baby.  Another great idea to comfort a fussy baby is to take him/her on a drive in your car. This has a calming effect on babies as the motion in the car can put them to sleep.

It is highly stressful for parents and care-givers
of an ever-fussy baby to deal with the situation. The most important thing to remember is that most babies outgrow the phase of fussiness and crying by the time they are 3 months old.

Hence, if your paediatrician says that there is nothing otherwise wrong with your little one and if he/she is growing well, then you can be rest assured that their crying too will sort itself out when they are become a little older. In the meanwhile, try the above discussed techniques to pacify your fussy infant.