Tips to Stop Nail Biting In Toddlers

If you find that your toddler has developed the habit of biting nails regularly, you may worry about it. Nail biting is often described as a nervous habit. But it may be the only reason.

Your toddler may be biting his nails due to many other reasons like boredom, curiosity, anxiety or simple due to force of habit. Almost all the kids bite their nails at some point.

Chances are that your child will abandon this habit on his own as he may loose interest in it or because his friends tease him about it. But you also need to make efforts to keep him away from biting nails. You can do so in many simple ways.

Try to keep your child occupied in some activity
. If you feel that your child is biting nails while doing a particular activity like watching T.V, give him something to eat at that time. Give him something interesting to divert his mind like a squeezable ball, stuffed animals, finger puppets etc.

Cut his nails regularly so that there is no temptation
for him to bite his nails. Sometimes the habit of biting nails is unintentional. Your child may not even realize it that he is doing it.

So you can completely ignore him while he is biting his nails. Continuous nagging and scolding is not going to help. Encourage your child to be aware of his bad habit.

Do not overreact. Toddlers are oblivious to reasons. Tactics like painting her nails with nail paint or cajoling her to stop nail biting are going to fail as toddlers enjoy your attention and they will do it even more to grab your attention.

Check to see if your toddler is biting nails due to nervousness or stress. Talk to your pediatrician if you think so. Your pediatrician will probably tell you that the habit will go on its own.

However make sure to mention
if your child is indulging in a self destructive behavior like bleeding fingertips, pulling his hair etc. Talk to your toddler and address his fears if you feel that nail biting is caused due to some stressful event or a new change in his life etc.

chhavi khullar