Tips To Treat Fever In Children

Changes in weather conditions, intake of a certain food items, too much fatigue, etc can cause fever in children. Parents can follow these simple steps to bring down fever in their child. The first step is to take a reading of the temperature using a thermometer.

If the temperature is above 38 degree centigrade, a prescribed dose of paracetamol can be given to the child. However paracetamol is not suitable for kids who are less than three months old. For infants below this age, tepid sponge can be given. While giving tepid sponge, the bedding should be removed to make the child comfortable.

If the child is sweating too much as his/her temperature drops, plenty of fluids should be given to him/her to maintain the hydration level of the body. Once the temperature has dipped, his/her beddings and clothes should be changed so that the child feels comfortable. For giving tepid sponge to a child, heat the water to a lukewarm temperature. Now take a soft piece of cloth or a sponge and dip it in the water.Apply the wet sponge on the head, neck and legs of the child.

Allow the water to dry naturally from the skin. Repeat the same procedure after least half an hour. While giving sponge to the child, put some towels under the child so that the bed does not get wet. Take a reading of the temperature after giving tepid sponge and if the temperature does not fall to the normal level, call the doctor immediately.

Sometimes a rapid increase in the body temperature can result in convulsions in the child. When a child has fever convulsions, the child may become unconscious for a few seconds and his/her body may twitch. If this happens, make your child lie on the ground and seek medical help as soon as possible. Such convulsions can be controlled by bringing down the temperature of the body below 39 degree Celsius.

Ask your doctor if you can give your child paracetamol once the child has regained consciousness. In some kids, fever can trigger hallucinations and agitation. Such a delirious stage can make the child feel scared and shaky. When this happens, stay with your child and try to comfort him/her.Make your child fall asleep and once his/her temperature drops, he/she will feel normal on waking up.