Tips To Treat Swelling During Pregnancy

Tips To Treat Swelling During PregnancyDuring pregnancy besides extreme happiness of having new baby, a woman also feels many downsides being pregnant; swelling is one of among them. Swelling or edema is common phenomena during pregnancy.

however edema doesn’t cause any discomfort to a pregnant woman but it could be the rarely sing of danger for your pregnancy. There are some ways to control and treat swelling during pregnancy.

Avoid Caffeine

To control swelling during pregnancy, avoid the products that contain sodium, increases amount of sodium causes swelling during pregnancy. Don’t take caffeinated soda, coffee, chocolate or the products that contain high amount of sodium.

Increase Potassium Intake

Eat foods containing high amount of potassium such as bananas, it will reduce pregnancy edema besides preventing pain in muscles and cramps.

Rest Frequently

Control edema by having rest frequently; elevate your legs when you are resting. Especially to avoid ankles and feet swelling, wear comfortable shoes, and avoid wearing high heel shoes, wear supportive or stocking shoes to control edema in your lower body.

Eat Balanced Diet

Eat well balanced diet during pregnancy, don’t eat foods, which are avoided during pregnancy, have such food which provides you proper nutrition. This will reduce the chances of building up toxin in your body, which causes swelling in pregnant women.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drink sufficient water to control water retention in your body, drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day, water will keep your body well hydrated beside flushing out excess sodium from your body and thus controls swelling.

Keep Moving Around

Keep moving on around in a day frequently, to keep your blood and body fluid in movement, if you are working in same position, take frequent breaks from your work.

Enjoy Swimming

To control edema, enjoy cool water swimming or use cool compress on specific areas of your body, which are swollen. In some causes doctor restricts pregnant woman to not take cool bath, take permission of your doctor before taking cool bath to feel relief from edema.

Elevate Your Feet

If you have to stand for a long time period to do any work, take frequent breaks to elevate your feet and leg to avoid swelling during pregnancy.

Don’t Wear Tight Socks, Tights Or Pants

Avoid wearing tight pants, jeans, socks during pregnancy. Tight cloths increase pressure on your legs, thus causes swelling.


During pregnancy in these periods swelling is expected to occur

During second trimester

A pregnant woman may experience swelling at the time when her body increases water and fluid volume, she may start experiencing a light uniform swelling by 5th month of pregnancy till she nourishes her baby.

During Third Trimester

If the weather is humid, swelling is also expected during third trimester of pregnancy, you may feel more swelling as you reach to delivery. Don’t be worry a lot about swelling normal swelling, it is normal in pregnancy. However it can create discomforts to you in doing daily routine works.

When you are experiencing extreme and sudden swelling especially in your hands, face and feet, consult to your doctor immediately, this type of swelling appears by high fluctuations in your blood pressure level, can be the sign of a dangerous pregnancy condition known as preeclampsia.

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