Tips – Transition From Baby Food To Table Food.

Transition from baby food to table food is a big step in childhood development. During this phase, baby moves from breast fed milk or formula fed milk to normal table food.

The most important challenge for parents during this period is to serve their babies table food without purring them. Generally ,babies do not like the texture of some of these foods.

In such cases, the parents should neither fully puree nor serve the table food as it is.Instead; parents must make the consistency of the food as per their baby’s preference that is, by mixing the two forms.

When parents introduce table food to their babies, then they should always start with their babies favorite food items. By doing so there is an excited in the baby and they start enjoying the food.

Slowly new foods should be introduced to the babies one by one. Babies are allergic to certain food items and it takes approx 24 hrs -48 hrs to show the symptoms. So, parents should preferably introduce only one new food in one day. This helps the parents to keep to keep track of the food items with which their baby can be allergic to.

Toddlers are very fussy about eating.So, parents must not force them to complete their food rather they should be given small-small bites of table food. Babies take time to develop taste and therefore repetitions help them develop the liking .Slowly by giving small bytes they develop taste for the same and start liking them.

Learning to eat is a stimulating activity.Therefore; parents must encourage their toddlers to eat their food on their own and they should:

*  fix their meal timings along with their toddler,
* provide them with  appropriate size of spoon and other utensils,
* check the food temperature before serving it to the baby. It should be just right,
* serve food which is age appropriate and in correct consistency,
* provide baby seat which is at a convenient height.

This transition phase is an experimenting phase and so parents must try to develop taste and liking for different food items by serving them different age appropriate food.

In addition to this, toddlers learn eating on their own by allowing them to eat without parents support .This ends up with messing up the things and so parents must show patience and encourage their babies in this activity until they learn the habit of eating table food.

Raka Raghuvanshi