Toddler Friendly Bedroom

A toddler friendly bedroom is not always an expensive proposition. However, the parents should keep certain things in mind when choosing a toddler friendly bedroom. After all, the onus should be to make the bedroom a perfect one for your little ones.

Parents usually love creating a special place for their toddlers. This seems to be a rewarding and a fun activity for the parents. But whenever you are creating a toddler room, you need to think about the future. The design of the toddler room should be such that it grows with the toddler.


Parents should look to buy furniture that will grow with your little angel. You can buy an entirely new set for the bedroom but you should carefully consider what to buy exactly. The child should be able to use the new bedroom furniture. You can buy toy chest that will also act as place for seating or you can buy toddler beds that can be used as a day bed also. If you plan to have more than 1 kid then a toddler room is a perfect investment. In case you do not want to go for the room, then you can buy kid – sized furniture sets.

Toddler Beds

There are various types of toddler beds available in the market today along with a diverse range of toddler bedding. If budget is a constraint then you can go for a crib mattress or borrow a toddler bed. You can settle for a twin bed; it is very useful furniture as it grows with your child.

Toddler Safe Bedroom

Since are toddlers are known to be active, the toddler bedroom should reflect such a mood. You should always remember that toddlers are known to draw on anything and climb on furniture that was never designed for climbing. For this the toddler bedroom needs to be safe and durable. In order to prevent drawings on the wall you should go for chalkboard painted wall. Washable paints are also good as any drawings can be easily cleaned off.

Bedroom Themes

You can select any theme that for your bedroom such as sports flowers or butterflies. You can even settle for unusual themes like dinosaurs and planes. However, there is a downside too. The child may lose interest in a theme very quickly and if that that happens then it is a real dampener for the parents.