Toddlers at Three

By the time your child is about three years old, he will be his own individual. He is confident and can get about easily on his own. He is also starting to develop his own personality, with likes and dislikes and clear preferences. He will be able to articulate his needs and make his mind known. He will be keen to observe and learn, and can understand more complex things. His negative energy will also start to convert to more positive, assertive emotions now. Here is when you will find being with your baby much easier.

Your three yearold can now walk and run comfortably without falling over ever so often. He will be able to carry or pull things with him effortlessly. He will also be able to walk on stairs just like we do using one leg at a time, and using both legs for each step like he used to. He will also be able to jump off steps and will end up with both his feet landing together. He also has more energy in his legs and can kick the ball much more easily and can move it further. Your baby can also delight you by walking on tiptoe and can maintain balance well.

The speech of your toddler will also become much clearer now. He will start talking is longer, more correct sentences. He will also start using words and phrases that he is used to hearing you say, so be careful about what you say when he is around. He will also be able to narrate stories and incidents he is exposed to.

He will understand the concept of things which happened in the past, and can actually use words like yesterday correctly. He will constantly ask questions like ‘why’ and ‘when’. Be patient and answer him instead of brushing him away. He will sing you simple songs.

Try and get your child to tell you stories you have been reading to him repeatedly. He should be able to now. He will know the difference between big and small, know a few colours as well. He should also be able to tell you numbers up to at least ten or more, but may only understand the concept of two and three. He is now keenly observing how things work, and understands cause and effect.

He will know when he has filled enough water in a glass, and will also understand when to stop piling blocks so they will not fall over. He will pick up the behaviour of others, and will imitate easily.

Your toddler will be moer vocal about his feelings, and will readily tell you he loves you, or if he wants you to go away. He will get angry if he is not able to get something right, and can also be quite stubborn at times. He will be able to wear his own shoes, but not do up the laces. He will also flush the toilet by himself, even when not required sometimes. He also starts looking forward to things.