Toddlers – Their Ability to Hear

Everything that your baby does will be of great significance to you. When your child responds to sounds that you make , your joy can know no bounds. This response occurs due to hearing in the child.

Hearing is made up of two facets – hearing and listening. Hearing is more about getting stimuli to activate the senses in the ear. This is possible due to factors that the child is born with. Listening is a more complex process, since it is about putting a context to, and trying to comprehend the sounds that have been heard. Both are very important in the development of a child.

A child who suffers from an inability to hear properly is affected in the overall growth as well, so it is ver important to check for this. When the baby is very small, the pediatrician will normally check for hearing in the child by presenting some stimulus which the child must be able to respond to. When the child grows, you must keep a check for this as well.

Often, hearing disabilities occur as a result of some infections or the build up of fluid in the ear. Sometimes this could occur temporarily and then sort out as the illness is cured. In other cases, it could persist.

Your toddler is likely to pick up ear infections and colds from other children as he is growing. These are more easy for them to catch, and more difficult to cure since children get them from each other repeatedly. In this case, there might also be an infection and fluid may collect in the ear. You may wait for this to clear, but if you notice any traces of this hearing problems occur after the illness is cured, you must visit the doctor immediately to check for hearing.

There can sometimes be the collection of fluids without any other symptoms. This must also be checked immediately, as it could be more dangerous if neglected.

The child can also encounter hearing problems later due to the impact of damage done due to injury or from any medication prescribed to the baby.