Tooth Care Tips For Infants And Toddlers

It is essential to take care of teeth and gums of our little one from birth to give them a good base. This would not only help in protecting the teeth from cavities but will also make the teeth stronger for the whole life.  Moreover, this will act as a first lesson for the baby thus making him realize that he should take care of his body , to keep it clean and healthy.

We should start cleaning our baby’s gums from the beginning to protect them and also wipe away milk residue that gets stuck in the gums while baby takes the feed. This will also help in setting a routine for the child.

As an infant, we can use a soft cotton cloth and water to clean the gums and teeth, atleast , twice a day. It will also help in preventing the bad odor that comes from the baby’s mouth and safeguard the teeth from any cavities. Gradually, we can start using a soft toothbrush available in the market especially for infants and non-fluoride toothpaste, which is recommended by the dentists for little babies only. But, remember, start the use of the toothbrush, only, once the child starts taking food other than milk.

Take note that toothbrush should be very soft because, otherwise, it may harm the delicate skin of the baby’s mouth. When beginning, we should take a bit of toothpaste for the child’s brushing activity as he does not know how to spit out the toothpaste that may be left in his mouth.  We should make it a habit to brush baby’s teeth twice a day, that is, morning and night and for two minutes each time.

So, this will help in teaching the baby how to rinse his mouth and spit out the toothpaste as well. Also, we should consult the dentist regularly for the baby’s teeth as he can guide us well, with the teeth of the baby. It is the prior duty of the parents to take care of all these essentials as it is always from the starting that  a strong base needs to be formed for the overall growth of the baby.


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