Tooth Decay

Maintaining a proper dental hygiene is very important in babies. This is because ,it leads to dental problems .There are various reasons because of which babies develop tooth decay and bottle feeding is one of the major cause.

This is called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, (BBTD). Generally, babies have the habit of feeding milk before going to sleep. They are so much accustom to this habit that they become very fussy while weaning off .This problem aggravates all the more during night time.

So, in order to avoid such situations, parents continue feeding them with milk even while they are asleep. Such wrong practices lead to tooth decay in kids. The milk that remains in the mouth of babies, develop germs or bacteria and thus acts on the tooth and causes tooth decay. Therefore, it’s important for parents to —

Gradually, start feeding their infants on semi solid food after 6months of age. This helps to decrease their dependency on milk and also provides various essential nutrients needed for their growth and development. Feed their babies with a bottle of water after having milk .This helps to cleanse their mouth and make them germ free.

Develop a daily dental care regime for the babies. Like, clean the infant’s mouth with a clean warm cloth after every feed, right after their birth. While in case, of babies who have developed teeth, brush their teeth, gums and tongue with a suitable brush and tooth paste. Later, parents must develop the habit of brushing teeth in their kids at least two times a day. This habit helps to keep and maintain healthy teeth and gums for a life time.

Sweets, snacks or juices etc are high in carbohydrates and hence are considered to be one of the reasons for causing tooth decay.Therefore; such sugary products should be given occasionally to kids and that too only during day time. In addition to this, babies should never be fed with juices in bottles during nights. This helps to reduce the chances of tooth decay.

Use of pacifiers should also be minimized. So, parents help their kids develop the habit of sleeping without the pacifier. So, as soon as the baby falls asleep, remove the pacifier from his mouth. By doing so, slowly the baby realizes the fact that he needs to sleep without the pacifier and hence do not demand further.

Thus, BBTD or Early Childhood Carries (ECC) is caused due to exposure of baby’s teeth and gums to sugary products for a longer period. This dental condition, when not taken care properly can lead to tooth decay and various other related problems. It is a great threat to over all development of the babies.

Raka Raghuvanshi