Top 10 Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

Breast milk is very good for the newly born babies, and helps in maintaining sound health of the babies. Breast milk is the only feed for the babies for the initial five to six months after birth. So, mothers should ensure to breast feed their babies properly. Some of the tips for successful breastfeeding are given hereunder.

Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Mothers should keep in mind that breastfeeding requires great level of energy. Therefore, women should try to relax as far as possible and remain away from stress, so that they are able to breast feed their child properly.

Be prepared for the worst thing to happen while breastfeeding your baby. It may be really a challenging task for the new mothers to breast feed their child.

Ensure to feed the child whenever he or she is hungry. Do not go by the clock to feed your child.

Do not allow the milk to get accumulated in the breasts; else the breasts may become engrossed. Feed the child after every two or three hours for sound health of both baby and mother.

Sipping cold water with the help of straw before beginning to breast feed the child may help in reducing the pain.

While nursing the baby, make sure to have all the required things besides you in a tool kit, so that you do not have to rush here and there at the time of breast feeding.

It is extremely essential for the breastfeeding mothers to plan their schedule beforehand, so that they can take out enough time from their busy schedule to breast feed the baby.

Make use of breast pump to take out the milk from your breast, so that someone else can feed your baby in urgency when you are not available.

Ensure not to mix formula milk with your breast milk for feeding the child. This can be highly harmful for the health of the baby.

The nipples may get cracked and sore due to regular breast feeding. So, it is recommended to make use of nipple shield while breastfeeding the child, so that the health of nipples is maintained and breastfeeding is carried out in a comfortable way.

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