Top Ideas To Breast Feed An Adopted Kid

Top Ideas To Breast Feed An Adopted KidHuman beings are characterized by their love and affection for each other. No other living being possess such emotional expressions similar to human beings. This is the reason why human beings are able to hug even the strangers affectionately and imagine adopted children as part of their own world.

When talking about adopted children, we generally point towards those parents who are mainly childless.  Such couples crave for their own baby, years after their marriage. Finally, when every attempt to give birth to their own child fails, they decide to adopt a baby. This baby gradually becomes the apple of the eyes of the couple.

The fact that the baby is not their own and has a different history of birth, seems to vanish away completely. The child is taken care of and brought up with the same care, love and affection as a child gets from his or her biological parents. Rather, adopted babies, who are abandoned by their parents, for some reason or the other, get a much better future than what they were supposed to experience otherwise.

Every need of the newborn child can be catered to by the foster parents. The basic needs like nappy change, bathing, combing, feeding can be managed well by the foster parents. But, where the problem lies is that, how can an adopted baby be breast fed? As we know, breast feeding is the most vital, most important diet for a baby.

It has numerous benefits to his or her health. It also aids in strengthening the immunity of the baby. So, when an adopted baby remains devoid of breast feeding, due to absence of the biological mother, the foster parents get conscious. Sometimes, they feel guilty too, thinking that they are depriving the baby of his or her basic need. But, it is not as difficult as you are thinking. If you have adopted a child, you can breastfeed the baby too.

Seek The Assistance Of A Professional Breast Feeder

If you have an adopted baby and you are keen about breast feeding your child, what is the most important thing that you must realize is that, the technique of breast feeding for a biological mother is never like that of a foster mother. You cannot stick to your conventional way of beast feeding your baby in case of adoption.

Rather, be flexible and search for a pregnant or a new mother, who is already feeding her kid breast milk. She will be able to feed your baby too. It might appear a bit awkward to you and you might feel hesitant in going here and there and searching for a lactating mother. But, do not feel embarrassed as there are certain women, who are professionally involved in such work. They breast feed babies in exchange in money. So, your problem will be sorted out quite professionally.

Adoptive Breast Feeding

Go For Medical Help To Arrange For Adoptive Breast Feeding

You, being a mother, might not feel cent percent satisfied until and unless you have fed your adopted baby your own beast milk. In such a case there are a few options that you may try out. But, before that, let’s have an idea of how milk emerges from the breasts of a mother.

Actually, as soon as a woman reaches the final days of her pregnancy, her mammary glands, surrounding the breasts, swell up and get activated, ready to produce milk.

So, you can even stimulate your mammary gland by visiting a doctor or a breast feeding clinic, where they give the patients medicines and injections of hormones and several other treatments too, which will lead to milk formation. There are certain herbs and alternative medicines too, that stimulates the mammary glands and assists in production of breast milk.

Pumping And Artificially Stimulating Your Glands

There is another way you can practice, that will encourage milk flow from the breasts. This is the process of stimulating the mammary glands externally, to lead them to produce milk. You can do this with the help of your baby. You might be surprised at what I have said. Let me explain this to you clearly. Encourage your baby to suckle your breast.

He or she might feel disinterested to do so in the initial stages as the kid might have been habituated to feed from milk bottles. Milk bottles are much easier and effortless in feeding. On the contrary, your dry breasts might just discourage them. But do not give up and continue encouraging your baby to suckle the breasts. This pull and pressure during suckling exerts stress on the mammary glands and excites them.

Thus, after a few days you will see milk oozing out of your breasts. But, mind it, milk produced by artificial methods are never sufficient for the babies. So, you have to keep handy alternate sources of nutrients for the baby too. In the meantime, never forget to massage your breasts with your palms regularly, to accentuate the process of stimulation of the mammary glands further.

Be Practical And Think Of Other Sources Of Nutrients Too

While you have decided to adopt a baby, you need to be practical too. Breast feeding is not the only great thing you can do for your baby. There are lots of natural mothers even, who are incapable of producing breast milk. Think how painful their situation might be. They are biological mothers, yet deprived of the joy of breast feeding their kids.

Be practical as it will help you to be more logical and realistic in what you do. Jot down what are the nutrients you might have provided to the kid if you were capable enough of breast feeding your baby. Now, read journals, surf the internet, consult your doctor and find out how you can compensate for the loss of these nutrients in your baby. In the process you will get hold of some natural products like fruits, cereals, vegetables, dairy and dairy products, that work in almost the similar way to make your baby a healthy one.

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