Top Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed Your Baby

For many reasons best known to them, many women do not breastfeed their babies. Some consider it out of fashion while some feel uncomfortable. And some other women do not breastfeed for fear of carrying shagging breast. There are also women who prefer breastfeeding but avoid doing so due to time constrain. May be it be just another excuse! Again some feel it is not in their family tradition to breastfeed.

For any reason if you are not breastfeeding your baby, you are making a big mistake for you are unaware of the benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding benefits not only your baby but also you. As such, it will be worthwhile to discover the top reasons to breastfeed and shun formula milk. May be the following points in favor of breastfeeding will help you to take an intelligent decision when you become a mother.

First of all, it has been observed that babies who are breastfed are likely to become more intelligent and have higher I.Q. than babies who are bottle-fed. No mother would want their child to lag behind their counterparts when they grow up. You can give your baby the best start in life by breastfeeding him or her. This also gives you a satisfactory feel and you feel more responsible as a parent. Secondly, mother’s milk is best for the baby.

It not only supplies the baby with the essential nutrients and minerals in the required proportion, but has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Formula milk can never be compared with the natural milk of the mother in this regard. As such, breastfed babies are less susceptible to diseases and common illness even when they grow up.

Now, let’s find out how breastfeeding can be beneficial to you too. First of all, breastfeeding moms are less prone to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. This is a good enough reason to take up breastfeeding. Secondly, breastfeeding has a calming effect on the mother.

It also strengthens the bonding between the mother and child. While during pregnancy she has been feeding the baby, she now continues to feed the baby naturally by choosing to breastfeed. Lastly, breastfeeding is economical. You save hundreds of dollars which otherwise would have been spent on buying formula milk.