Top Reasons Why You Should Exercise During Pregnancy

Everyone is aware of the health benefits of exercising. But most of you may not be aware of the additional benefits of exercising during pregnancy. For your knowledge, exercising during pregnancy is necessary for you to enjoy a healthy and low risk pregnancy. Generally physicians advise pregnant women to take up a light to moderate exercise regimen.

Swimming and walking are considered the ideal pregnancy exercises. Yoga is another thing you can take up. Light workout at gym may also be permissible. But whatever exercise you take up, you should not overdo it. Do with within your comfort level.

If you overdo things or get involved in strenuous activities, blood flow from the vital areas of the body may be diverted. The rule of the thumb is not to exert your body by exercising. Now that you have a good idea on how to exercise during pregnancy, let’s find out the top reasons to exercise during pregnancy.

First of all, exercising during pregnancy reduces the risk of premature birth. It has been reported that the chances of premature birth is reduced by 50 percent with exercising. Again, the discomforting signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as headache, back pain, fatigue, and constipation can be reduced by exercising.

Not only exercising can relive you from these symptoms, the chances of their occurrence are also reduced. By following an exercise regimen, you keep weight gain during pregnancy in check. If you gain in the excess of 34 pounds during pregnancy, it may lead to complications. Exercising during pregnancy also makes it easier for you to loss weight post delivery. Since you have not gain much weight, getting back to shape after becoming a mother is easier.

Another reason to exercise during pregnancy is the calming effect exercising can give you. Apart from keeping your body fit and healthy, exercising also helps you to keep off stress. You also become less susceptible to mood swings during pregnancy.

It keeps you mentally and bodily fit. Lastly, exercising give you enough strength and stamina to endure labor and delivery. In fact, the length of labor and delivery is reduced when you have more strength and stamina.

All this while, it is also important to supply your body with adequate nutrients and minerals and keep it well hydrated.