Toys For A Fifteen Month Old

You often wonder what toys you should be getting for your baby. Most often, you will already have plenty as gifts that people will give you, but you just might not know what is right. This is when your child should be enjoying himself the most right now. Indulge him in things which will grab  his fancy.

Children at this stage love surprises and peek a boo. Get him toys which spring up or are pop ups. A jack in the box is great. Do this with his books as well. Three dimensional books are very good for your child. They will keep him interested for longer.

Big blocks in bring colours are ideal. Make sure that they are not very heavy as they can hurt the child if they fall on him accidentally. Also make sure the bock are large, as the child will try and put anything into his mouth at this stage. They should also be non toxic.

Bath toys are wonderful, and the regale the child when he goes int for a bath. Get little ducks and other animals who can make playmates, and also some books which can be taken to the bath with the child.

Get little toys which are a lot like things in the house. Children like to imitate what they see their parents and others do, but we often can not let them. In this case, it is best to give them these things in the form of toys. Give them a hammer and nail set, and also maybe a toy telephone. This will give the child the joy of doing things that his parents do. You can also give him a small gardening set with a watering can, spade and bucket. This will also double as a set when you take him to the beach.

A vehicle which the child can ride is also a good idea. This will keep him mobile when he is in the house. If your child has just learnt to walk, you can get him a toy that he can pull or push as he walks around.

Get your child lots of board books so that he can turn the pages himself. Get picture books with only one picture per page. This will teach him a great deal.