Toys For Toddlers

The best way to develop the skills of a toddler is to engage him I toys that test his skills and excite him. A toddler is just learning to climb, run and jump and so you need to select the toys for him in a judicious manner. You need to buy toys that will stimulate and challenge your toddler.

So you must keep in mind the skills that your toddler needs to develop so that you can select the toys wisely.

Remember that the toys of a toddler should be an outlet for his creativity. It should offer some challenges and companionship to the toddler. The toys should be able to stimulate the senses like sound, smell, sight and touch.

Toddlers have a tendency to become restless so you should constantly supervise him while he is playing with his toys. You should keep in mind the following guidelines when buys toys for your little one.

1 year – 1.5 years: Almost all the babies start walking they are one year old. This new development will spur the child to begin an exploration of his own. The child will be eager to explore the new surroundings and this is the right time to develop his motor skills and leg muscles. The toys that can be recommended during this period are stuffed animals, building blocks and swing sets.

1.5 years – 2 years: At this stage the child develops an interest to solve problems and to play with things that stretches their imagination. You should give those toys that make the child match objects of same shapes or colors. During this period, they will learn a whole new set of words and sounds. The recommended toys for this age group are puppets, dolls, playhouses and Lego.

2 years – 3 years
: This is the phase when the child begins to imitate grown – ups and develop a reasonably good co – ordination and control. They should be able to express their views without much trouble. You can introduce your child to his first tricycle during this period. The other recommended toys would be blackboard and chalk, modeling dough and crayons.

There are a number of books and guide DVDs’ available in the market for such issues and you should not feel ashamed in going through any of these.