Toys For Your Two Year Old

Children at this age love to explore, and are very active. Fuel this passion. Give them a lot of chance to run and play. They will love to climb up and down, swing and slide. Allow them. They will also love to play in the water. Give them toys and books to take to the bath. You can also give your child a doll which he can give a bath to just like you bathe them. This will give your chance to learn about bathing and also body parts well.

You can also get your child some simple musical instruments. Drums to bang are good for the child to beat and learn rhythm and also a good outlet for their energy.

Children love clothes at this time. You can get them a nice big doll whose clothes can be changed. Since they may not be able to dress themselves up now, they can try with the doll. This will also give them an idea about buttons and zips, sleeves and arms.

Give your child as much as he can do with his fingers to improve their dexterity. This can be a craft set. This will allow them to cut, stick and fold easily. Also allow them to draw and paint.

Expose the child to as many scenario as he can. Show him the hospital, fire station, and also garage. This could be in the form of models or even pictures.

Get your child many books. You can now read them books which have simple small sentences. Make sure the pictures are bright, loud and colourful.

Give your child a skipping rope. This is good for him to jump and balance. You can hold the rope for them, and let them jump through.Give your child shape sorters. This will help him learn shapes and sizes easily. You can also give them colour sorters. They can start to learn and experiment with them.

You can also give them stacks with small and big shapes which they must build according to size. You can give them toys which go into one another when smaller. This will make a good toy and learning tool for them as well.