Travel Tips For Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant mother can travel in any mode of transport either by air, water or land. There are no identified risks in relation to the travel during pregnancy. It is seen that the second trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time when she wants to travel.

Needless to say that during the first trimester, the mother is fatigued due to morning sickness and physical exert.  Here mentioned are some tips for the mother that are very practical and can be used to avoid any mishap during the travel.

While travelling in car or by aero plane, it is always better to use both the lap and the shoulder belts. It protects both the baby and the mother. Rest stops can be useful while travelling on road for a long distance. The mother can take short walks or can also do stretches to maintain the complete blood flow throughout the body.

While travelling in buses that have narrow aisles, it is nice to be seated when the bus is in motion. When the bus comes to a stop she can take some rests or do some basic sitting exercises to maintain the blood flow and thus preventing the numbness of the legs and hands. While travelling in trains, care has to be taken while using the rest rooms.

The restrooms in the train often are very narrow. The mother should hold on the seat backs in the rest room while the train is moving.  Most airlines allow the mothers to travel till their eighth month. However if the lady plans to travel during her ninth month, she has to produce no objection certificate from her doctor.

Travelling through the sea can be little exerting as the continuous motion of the ship may cause nausea for some women. Before boarding, the person has to confirm whether the cruise line has health care professionals in their vessel.  It is also wise to assure that the medicines that the doctors provide are safe for both the baby and the mother.

While the mother is planning to travel abroad, she has to take care to do the required vaccinations before she sets off. This protects both the mother and the baby from any foreign infections. Diarrhea is one such common disease. The individual has to bring bottled water or canned juices to protect against dehydration.

Make sure that only pasteurized milk is being used and the non vegetarian foods are cooked thoroughly. All the above mentioned tips can possibly eliminate almost any kind of mishaps and help to enjoy travelling during the pregnancy.