Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

Every pregnancy needs utmost care and priority. Few pregnant women these days take a complete break to enjoy their pregnancy. And others like me go about their usual life till they reach the last trimester or the point where their body forces them to take rest. Travelling is hence an unavoidable activity for every forward-looking pregnant woman.

Before making any travel plan always consider your medical & pregnancy history. Are you a high-risk pregnancy case? Did the conception require any medical assistance? Do you have any history of miscarriages? Do you have PCOS? Does your BP keep on fluctuating? In all such cases check with your GP and let her know your travel plans. Her decision should be the final.

Now, if you consider yourself or your pregnancy healthy, avoid travelling when you are in your first or third trimester. The second trimester is considered the safest to travel. Even then, chart out your plan well in advance: How many hours or days you will be required to travel? What mode of transportation you will have to take? Always prefer train over road and road over air.

In case of road travel, always have someone drive you or accompany you. Avoid bumpy drives and always drive at a comfortable and slow speed. Place the seat belt below your abdomen. Have someone know in advance your travel plans and time of travel. Don’t fuss and let them check upon you at regular intervals. Make your seat comfortable so as to have enough space for you to sit. Do not sit in cramped position.

For air travels always check with your doctor. Make sure your BP is in the normal range. Avoid last trimester air travel plans, to avoid an early & unexpected delivery. Have a seat in the front portion. Sit and buckle up comfortably.

For any travel plan which you cannot avoid, use the following tips:

Wear comfortable clothes while you travel. Take your medicines and vitamins with you. Stock enough water supplies and keep yourselves hydrated always. Use restrooms whenever possible as your growing tummy will put pressure on your urinary bladder.

Avoiding using restrooms during pregnancy might increase your chances of getting urinary infection. Whenever possible take small walks or do ankle exercises. Avoid travelling to high or too low altitudes. Take care of your body and pay attention to all distress signals your body sends you. And of course enjoy yourselves to the hilt!