Travel Tips for Soon-to-be-Moms

A baby is a boon in any family. The parents look forward to welcoming their bundle of joy with lot of eagerness. The would-be-mother is provided with the best care and her comfort is taken care of well. A mother-to-be feels at her best in the shelters of her home and is reluctant to move out of her comfort zone.

However, there are circumstances when she is required to move out of this comfort zone and travel. While the doctors do not see any risk involved in traveling, however, if the travel is unavoidable, the mother-to-be and her travel companion/s should see to it that her travel is made as restful as possible.

If the travel is by air, many airlines require a certification by the doctor especially if pregnancy is clearly visible. Many international flights do not allow air travel beyond 36th week. Before booking your tickets, checkout the terms and conditions involved for pregnant women who are traveling. Once you have received the go ahead,

• Get yourself an aisle seat preferably near the exit door. This will help in free movement especially if you have to frequent the restroom.
• Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated. You could avoid water retention in air.
• Wear loose fitting clothes so that you do not feel uncomfortable while seated.
• Get up and walk to avoid swelling of the feet.
• Ask for a cushion to rest your back.
• Carry small snacks if you feel hungry frequently.

If traveling by road, check out the travel time. Covering long distances by road is not a good option since it can cause strain in the back muscles. If it has to be done, carry a cushion and get comfortable. Wearing seat belt is important for your safety and for the safety of your child. Take breaks every few hours. This will help ease the strain off your back as well leg muscles. Be sure to carry enough drinking water and healthy snacks. And if you feel uneasy at any point, communicate the same to your traveling companion.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your health and comfort are most important. The baby is precious, but so is the mother.

Anubha Pandey