Traveling Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy not only requires taking care of baby and yourself but also intelligence of handling situations. A pregnant woman may have to go for a traveling through plane, boat or a car but in all these situations, the primary thing to be cautious of is health.

But you need not worry because if you are pregnant and need to travel, we have some great suggestions to have a perfect and safe journey.

Since it is a traveling journey, it is likely to be hungry and thirsty over and over again since you are pregnant. This helps to keep your health in control and provide nourishment but make sure that the snacks are not oily as they can sometimes make you feel like puking while you are traveling.

So to avoid discomfort and sickness, carry enough eatables and juices. Keep exercising in regular intervals to avoid the body from getting stiff. Normal stretching of hands, legs and a bit of walking is recommended in every 2 hours.

You must take all your medical reports and prenatal record plus the insurance card in case you are having 9th month. You must be prepared for the delivery anytime in this month and who knows if it happens while you travel.

It is suggested not to travel in 9th month especially in a flight so as to be at safer side. Also, to be relaxed and comfortable through out the whole journey, wear loosely fitted clothes. In fact, wearing maternity clothes is totally good for a pregnant woman while she is on a flight.

While on flight, many pregnant women get swollen foot. To avoid getting into such a situation, pre book aisle seat weeks before the travel. The walk down and up the aisle in every 40 minutes so as to avoid pain.

You can also try out lifting right leg up to the level of ankle and rotate it for 5 times in one go and the witch to the other leg and do it again. This allows proper blood circulation which is essential for every pregnant woman. So these are the various tips for pregnant ladies.


  • sudipta pal

    my wife is pregnent for 1.5 months. but i want to travel approx 250km through by indigo car for my emergency work. pl. advice any precaution for safety to go safe juorney. pl. reply as early as possible.

    sudipta pal