Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, a magical time for both the mother and father to be. But being pregnant comes with loads of pampering and restrictions equally. Earlier being pregnant meant the mother to be stayed at home from the first trimester itself.But these days travelling cannot be completely avoided whether it is for simple errands or maybe a second honeymoon before the baby comes. Though travelling during pregnancy still is a tricky proposition. A little help from the doctor, some smart preparation and following simple precautions can allow the moms to be to travel without much trouble.

First and foremost, reduce stress. Planning the trip in advance can help a long way in reducing your stress and anxiety. If in case you are travelling alone, it’s advised to travel light. Also, pregnancy can mess up your hormones, so, a good sense of humor is also very useful. Listening to good music can also calm your nerves.

Carrying snacks for nibbling is always useful. Especially if you are stuck in traffic or waiting at the airport or train station. This helps to ease common discomforts like morning sickness and feeling faint.

Always remember to carry a bottle of water, from home. Pregnant ladies tend to get dehydrated very frequently. Staying hydrated helps prevent swelling of ankles.

Take frequent breaks to stretch your legs, move around a bit. This will avoid formation of clots or stiff back. While sitting remove your shoes or sandals and rotate your feet, wriggle your toes and gently flex your calf muscles.

If you are planning to go for a long journey then dressing up wisely is very necessary .Wear loose comfortable clothing and layer up. Flat sandals and comfortable sneakers is also advised.

It never hurts to carry your OB Gyn details and important reports with you. Not anticipating anything bad to happen, but there’s no harm in being prepared.

Usually the best time to travel during pregnancy is during the second trimester. That’s when which you tend to feel the best and when you will feel the most like traveling.  During the first trimester fatigue and motion sickness makes the thought of travelling strenuous.

During the third trimester with the baby growing bigger and kicking, travelling may not be comfortable. Also, always remember to consult your doctor before going for any long trip. Carry necessary vitamins and other prescribed medications.

Meera M.Das