Travelling Tips For Expecting Moms

Travelling during pregnancy is not a taboo. But before travelling the best person to consult is your gynaecologist. He/she knows best about your pregnancy cycle and whether it is normal or high risk pregnancy.

During first trimester generally expecting mothers suffer from nausea so you should avoid travelling. Second trimester is the time when you can travel by air as it is comfortable, does not take much time and the symptoms of nausea etc. vanish by this time.

Avoid travelling by ship because, sea makes you feel more nauseating and it is time consuming also. Due to some guidelines in airlines they do not allow travelling in later stages of pregnancy. But if it is an emergency you can travel with the help of a medical note from your gynaecologist that you are fit to travel by air.

Road travel is the safest way to travel if you have a trustworthy driver. But in the later stages of pregnancy it should be avoided as it is a bit risky to travel by road and it is uncomfortable too because you do not have much space in the car to walk around. Travelling by plane or train gives you access to restroom comfortably and during the journey you can walk around.

While travelling do remember to carry a small soft pillow to rest your back on and wear loose clothes. Avoid wearing shoes or sandals which are very tight and uncomfortable. Do not hang your feet for too long, as they might develop swelling. So in between walk a few steps and while sitting trey keep your feet at your body’s level, do not let then hang as you might develop leg cramps. Drinking a lot of water and frequently visiting the restroom to

relieve yourself is advised. Keep on listening to some refreshing music or reading a good book will also help as it will divert your attention. Travelling as light as you can helps and try taking a strolley bag. Do pack a plenty of light, non-oily and healthy snacks because you will feel hungry quite often. Like nuts, sandwiches, dry –fruits, protein biscuits etc.

Take tea, coffee and carbonated drinks in limited amounts as they will make you dehydrated. Do carry some mouth- fresheners, boiled sweets or fennel seeds along as they will certainly help in reducing queasiness. Enjoy the special treatment that pregnant women get and these hospitalities will make your travelling much more relaxed and you will enjoy your journey during pregnancy as a nice and comfortable outing.