Travelling Tips For Pregnant Women

Getting pregnant is the most beautiful thing that can happen to women. To safeguard this beautiful gift of pregnancy, extra precautions should be taken at all times.

However, this does not necessarily means that the women can’t travel while they are pregnant. A need of extra planning arises while travelling during pregnancy.Consulting the doctor before planning the travel is always advisable. Some basic precautions are mentioned below apart from the care advised by the doctor.

Pregnant women should always carry water with them while travelling as they need to keep themselves hydrated at all times during the pregnancy. Also, a good knowledge of the route being opted is also essential to take care of the natural calls at the time of travel.

Having regular meals during the pregnancy is a must. Women should carry with them extra snacks to take care of this. It is of utmost importance for a pregnant lady to keep her blood sugar up to a certain level at all times, for which these things become essential, apart from other essential female items.

The mode of travel should be decided depending upon the distance to be covered. A short trip by the road can always be taken. Proper space for stretching out should also be kept in mind while travelling. If travelling by car for a long distance, taking short-breaks and going for a walk for a while is a good idea.

Geographical & civil knowledge of the area being visited is also very important. Carrying the contact details of your doctor, and taking the reference contacts of doctors in the area of visit is also very important. Carrying your pregnancy medical prescriptions can help in the times of emergency.While travelling, pregnant women should pay special attention to the dress they have to wear. It is always good to wear loose clothes while travelling.

While using public transport (Train, Bus, Fights), sharing your pregnancy can help you in getting special treatment, which can be of great help at times. Sometimes, women feel a little shy in sharing their pregnancy, but while travelling thru these modes, it is a good idea to let the authorities know of your pregnancy. Precautions should be taken to avoid any push or pull at the time of boarding a public transport. In the end, travelling may not be harmful in your pregnancy, however the above mentioned guidelines can be of great help.