Treat Rashes on Child Less Than 2 Years

A rash is change in the texture or the color of the skin of baby. Rashes are of many kinds. To be particular, they could be red, scaly, flat or bumpy, light in color or darker. Normally, rashes vanish in a day or two. These ones are completely harmless. There are many reasons of getting rashes on the baby skin. Diaper rash being the most common one.
Wearing a wet diaper for too long creates this problem. So it is advisable to keep your baby’s skin as dry as possible. If you wish, apply a mild cream and avoid using the plastic pants or irritating wipes.
There are other types of rashes as well. In times of summer, baby is likely to get heat rash because of the fact that his skin is too sensitive to handle the heat. So to treat heat rash, you do not really need to apply ointment or apply powder as they may worsen the situation. Just take your baby to some cooler environment where he could comfortably relax.
Erythema toxicum is one of the kinds of baby rashes and is cured by itself in few days. It’s not something to be worried about as it is completely harmless. As for the case of hives, you may require to consult the doctor to get right medications.
Baby acne is also one of the common problems faced. For this, proper washing is what it takes to treat it. For bathing, take plain water (not too cold not too hot, just plain) and a mild soap meant for babies. Now remember that proper washing doesn’t mean that you have to bath your child everyday. In fact, it is harmful to bath him everyday as his skin is soft and sensitive. Bath baby in 3 days and avoid unnecessary medicines for baby acne.
If it’s a case of eczema, try to keep your child stay calm and not scratch too much. Keep his nails short and avoid the soap that you are currently using if that causes the irritation. Bubble bath or long baths must be avoided and cotton clothing is strongly recommended.