Treating Constipation In Newborns

Newborns usually do not feel any sort of bowel movements in the first 24-48 hours of their birth. However after the passage of this time, many newborns are faced with bowel movement problems which can lead to constipation.

Constipation in newborns is difficult for both the parent and the baby. But it can be treated easily at home by following certain guidelines. Newborns usually pass black or green colored stool in the first week after their birth. This is a sign that the baby is hungry. The parents can increase the feeding cycle to relieve symptoms of constipation.

For babies who are fed both breast milk and formula, the intake of formula can be decreased to relieve constipation. Sometimes the particular formula might not suit the baby. In this case, the formula can be changed. Usually these changes help to ease the symptoms of constipation within three or four hours.
However if these changes are unable to bring about any improvement in the condition, you can add more water to the formula being fed to the baby. This will make the mixture easier to digest. At times, the problem of constipation arises because the baby does not get sufficient time to digest the food.

In such a case, a change in the feeding schedule i.e. feeding the baby more frequently can bring improvement in baby’s condition. Constipation in newborns can cause them discomfort and uneasiness in the stomach. To ease this condition, a massage in a tub full of warm water is quite effective.

Ensure that the level of water reaches the surface of the stomach. A gentle rubbing helps in relieving the discomfort. Consultation from your regular pediatrician can also be taken. The doctor can suggest remedies that can be done at home to ease the condition of constipation.

Glycerine can be added to the food or flax oil can be mixed in the formula. Liquid glycerine and flax oil enable easy movement of the bowel. Fruit juice can be diluted and fed to the newborns to ease constipation. These slight changes in diet and feeding schedule can be helpful in treating constipation in newborns.