Treating Hiccups in Toddlers

Hiccups are a very natural and common in the human body. Hiccups are normally nothing to worry about except for that they can be quite stressful and strange to your toddler. Hence, it is always good to know methods by which you can stop hiccups in your toddler.

Hiccups will occur time and again and there is nothing you can do to stop them from occurring. What you can do is make them less frequent and when they do occur cut them short.

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm contracts rapidly while the glottis closes quickly. The air flows into the glottis. When the air rushes in the glottis sounds are produced which are termed as the hiccups.

Hiccups are very common in toddlers who are bottle fed. As they drink from the bottle they tend to swallow air in plenty. Drinking carbonated drinks and packaged juices may also produce hiccups. Some toddlers tend to eat too quickly which can also cause intake of extra air resulting in hiccups.

Giving your toddler sips of water is the best remedy for hiccups. Let the child lie down for a bit and then observe. If the hiccups have still not gone then try giving the child a spoon of corn syrup.

Do not give your child aerated or carbonated drink if you wish to avoid them from getting hiccups in future. These drinks are harmful as they contain no nutrients and only empty calories. Do not let them eat in a hurry and avoid filling their plates to the brim.

Children who are breastfed tend to hiccup more than the children who are fed by bottles. Switch over to a bottle for feeding a few times in the day. You can pump breast milk and put it in bottle for future use.

Like mentioned earlier, hiccups are not a cause of concern. Even if left untreated they won’t harm your toddler but might distress him. However, if hiccups last longer than a couple of hours and your toddler spits blood with every hiccup then rush immediately to a doctor.

Hiccups are not painful but if your toddler complains of pain in the stomach then it is best to consult a doctor. In some cases the toddlers also tend to hiccup when starting a new medication. Inform of this to your doctor who might want to change the medication.

Treating Hiccups in Toddlers

Anubha Pandey