Treating Learning Disability With Parental Help

Learning DisabilityLearning Disability is very difficult to locate in your child so the treatment comes much later in the stage. This disorder wears such a good camouflage that we do not even realize that our child might be suffering from learning disability.

We generally ignore his/her mistakes as carelessness or ignorance and the child also never realizes that why is he / she not able to get the things right even if he / she is putting his /  her best foot forward. So the disorder is as troublesome for the parents as it is for the child. They are always in the notion that the child does not want to concentrate on his / her studies, and think that, that is the reason why he / she is committing such mistakes.

Poor child is also in a mess because even if he / she tries his / her best he / she is not able to correct the things. The parents generally think that either the child does not want to study that is why he / she is throwing such tantrums or the child is doing this knowingly to annoy his / her parents. In order to make parents aware about this learning disability many NGO’s have taken it as a social cause and they are trying to create awareness amongst the parents about this disorder through films or advertisements.

These organisations take special pain to make aware not only the parents but also the teachers and rather the whole society about this disorder. You can easily notice this disorder by being patient and minutely observing your child’s daily activities. Try to be aware of whether your child is suffering from the disorder by knowing the symptoms of learning disability.

Role of parents in curing Learning Disability

Parents are the only persons who spend maximum time with their children so it is very important for them to be aware of their child’s learning disorder and they are the only ones who can help their child in the best way by supporting the child.

These days parents are generally working for long hours even the mothers are working or do not have time specially for kids so they should try to spend some quality time and be there for their children. Children suffering from learning disability require their parent’s precious time and their love. If parents show some patience and understanding then this disorder can be treated to a great extent without any medicinal help.

Tips for treating Learning Disability child

Here are few tips for parents which they can use to control this disorder in their kids to a great extent. Patience is the keyword to treat a learning disability suffering child. So the parents need to be very patient while dealing with such children. Parents should understand that such kids take extra time to learn and understand things so they should deal patiently with them. The child might commit mistakes very frequently, but they should not get annoyed rather be patient with the child. Always treat them with love and care while dealing with the child.

Never compare your child with other child of his / her age. This might make him / her feel disheartened and child will start feeling depressed. Parents should try and accept the fact that their child is suffering from learning disability. Scolding or shouting at the child time and again will not solve the problem. Rather the child will feel that he / she is not being loved and will start losing his / her self confidence and will become sad and unhappy. Never make him / her realize that the child is suffering from any such disorder rather always be supportive and ask him / her to do things with love and care.

It is necessary to consult a Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Remedial Educator and Occupational Therapist. All these people play specific role in treating a child with learning disability so just consulting a psychiatrist or just an occupational therapist is not enough to start the treatment. You need to take your child to all of them and then start the proper treatment whatever they suggest. While getting treated your child with occupational therapist you also try and learn the therapy for treating the child and work with the child back at home. Try spending time with the child and use this therapy on him.

Your help and therapist’s treatment will definitely cure the child quickly from this disorder. Such children get special benefits while appearing for any competitive exams from the government’s side. These children might get extra time to solve the question paper or get an extra writer to write for them or usage of calculator might be allowed for them or an oral exam instead of written exam might be allowed for such children.

In order to get such special benefits the child needs a certificate from a doctor in government hospital so do get the certificate made from the hospital because it is their legal right to get all these benefits. Parents need to help their children in getting all these benefits. Let the child also express his / her anger or views regarding learning disability. Even he / she needs to vent out his / her emotions and express what he / she is feeling.

So promote two way communications in the family. School needs to be informed about the child’s learning disability so that they develop Individualized Education Program for the child (IEP); these programs are specially designed according to the child’s learning needs so that he / she also learns fast as his / her other classmates.

Try to find out the best way suited to your child’s learning style; that is whether he / she is an auditory learner or a visuals learner or a kinaesthetic learner. Once you get to know this learning skill of your child you can easily design his / her learning modules based upon that learning style. Like if he / she is a visual learner than you can take help of videos, computers or visual aids to make him / her learn things faster.

Try to inculcate good values in your child; just being the class topper in academics is not the only parameter of success. Teach him / her the importance of success in life by making him / her more self-confident and aware of his / her strengths and weaknesses. Thus all these things will certainly make you and your child overcome all the hurdles related to learning disability and make him / her a winner, from every angle.

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