Treating Ovarian Cysts in Pregnant Women: Try Natural Remedies

Ovarian cysts are quite a common occurrence in women irrespective of their age. As such, they can also develop during pregnancy. These cysts are nothing more than sacs with fluid built-ups in them. However the pain these cysts can give is serious. Prolonged pain may also cause unwanted consequences on your baby’s as well as your health.

Treating ovarian cysts during pregnancy has limitations considering the fact that certain medications are not good for you and your unborn baby. Some medications can even lead to pregnancy loss. Also, the option of surgery is not usually recommended during pregnancy.

Anesthesia and surgical procedure always have a certain extent of risk involved for both you and the baby. Moreover post-surgery recovery can put a lot of stress on the fetus, which can further lead to pregnancy complications. As such, surgery should be an option only when there is an indication that the cyst may be cancerous.

By undergoing an ultrasound, your doctor will be able to know the consistency, size, and shape of the cysts. If he detects anything serious, a surgical procedure may be prescribed. However, in cases where the cysts are not that serious, you can wait for the cysts to disappear on their own.

But still, the pain associated with ovarian cysts may be unbearable. As such, you may find the following natural remedies for ovarian cysts quite useful. These remedies will not only relieve you from the pain but also help in treating the cysts quickly if at all they are not so serious.

For reduction of pain and general discomfort, a high fiber diet is recommended. Taking a high fiber diet reduces the pressure on the bladder and provides relief in general. Another relieving method is to drink hot camomile tea. This tea has antioxidant properties which help in cleansing your body of toxins.

Moreover, when the heat is applied to the affected areas, it relaxes the muscles and gives you relieving effects. Also, if you want the cysts to go away quickly, you should learn to relax. Unnecessary stress may elevate the problem. So, if your doctor says they are not serious, you can try pain relieving measures and wait for the cysts to go away on their own.