Treatments For Downs Syndrome – Must Know Things

There are several available treatments for Down’s syndrome; however, this disease is not curable. The different types of medicine prescribed to someone with Down syndrome do not treat the disease itself.

The goal of the treatments for Down’s syndrome is to treat the numerous other diseases associated with the condition.

At the time of the baby’s birth, a blood test would help to determine the condition especially if there are subtle traits of the disease seen in a baby.The pediatrician would be the baby’s primary health care giver in the first stages of the baby’s life.

Other specialists should also be involved to treat other conditions associated with the illness. Cardiologists would be taking care of any heart ailments that may arise because of Down’s syndrome, while Pediatric Endocrinologists who specialize in hormones would be there to help the child with problems with the thyroid.

Early intervention is done by specialists involved in the development of a child with Down’s syndrome. Surgical treatments for Down’s syndrome patients may be needed, especially if the child is diagnosed as having issues with the heart or intestines.

Parents should not be disheartened if they hear that their child needs surgery because the surgery does not mean that the child has a more severe case of Down’s syndrome.

Early intervention treatments for Down’s syndrome include speech and physical therapy. Physical therapy helps persons with Down’s syndrome to be able to develop their motor skills. Children born with this affliction suffer from low muscle tone and the goal of physical therapy is to help them develop control over their bodies and movements. It also prevents the development of other physical problems associated with low muscle tone and bad posture.

Speech therapy is another need from the many treatments for Down’s syndrome. Those who suffer from the disease often times have slightly larger tongues and small mouths, which make it hard for them to speak clearly. A therapist who specializes in speech development can help those with the disease to communicate better and clearer.

To prepare these individuals for adult life, part of the treatments for Down’s syndrome is helping them develop skills that they need to take care of themselves everyday. Specialists called occupational therapists are there to help them to master the skills needed to survive on a daily basis. There are many other treatments for Down’s syndrome, be sure to work with your health care professional to be sure that you get the best treatment for your child.