Twin Pregnancy: Early Signs and Preparations

According to statistics the number of twin pregnancies has increased in the last few years. The increase in the number of multiple childbirths can also be attributed to IVF infertility treatment, where multiple embryos are planted onto a woman’s uterus.

Even in normal cases, the number of twin pregnancies has shown an increase. Who knows you may also end up giving birth to twins! The possibility is always there. Nevertheless, it will be worthwhile to discuss how twin pregnancy occurs.

There are two types of twin – identical and fraternal twins. When a single egg is fertilized by the sperm and then splits into two different cells, you become pregnant with identical twins. Since both the cells carry identical DNA, the two babies will look identical.

Although some subtle difference in looks may be there, you can’t really differentiate between the two babies. On the other hand fraternal twins do not have similar looks and can be of different sexes. When two eggs are fertilized by different sperms you may become pregnant with fraternal twins.

So are there pointers and early signs of twin pregnancy? The same early signs of single pregnancy are also experienced by women pregnant with twins but with greater magnitude. Morning sickness, lower backache, leg cramps, and exhaustion are some of the early signs of pregnancy. In women pregnant with twins, these problems are more severe.

Excessive morning sickness may be a pointer of twin pregnancy. Similarly, if you have severe back pain, it might be an indication of twin pregnancy. Likewise leg cramps tends to be more frequent and severe in women carrying twins. You may also feel easily overtired. The bottom line is any problem that a woman experience in single pregnancy tends to become severe in a woman pregnant with twins.

Later during your pregnancy you can undergo ultrasonography to confirm a twin pregnancy. If you are pregnant with twins should take more care as it can be more demanding on her body. You should take more rest and get more sleep. A nutritional counseling is also must. You may also require more prenatal checkups and fetal monitoring. Moreover be prepared to become a mother of twins, which can be really demanding.