Types Of Baby Carrier

Gone are the days when you would have had to balance you baby and couple of grocery bags in your arms. With the advent of so many different types of baby carriers in the market that holding your baby doesnt take much effort, nor will your partner have to struggle to hold them.

Baby Carriers, as the name suggests are shoulder bag like structures that you can place your baby in securely, leaving your hands free. Before you buy a baby carrier, here are few ideas on what you may see in the market and who is it suited for, to help you finalise on a carrier and pick one.

Front Carriers

These are the most popular type of carriers, in this you can hold your baby in front of you, the infants can lay against your chest, whereas the older ones can lift their head up and face you or face ahead depending. These carriers are usually made of soft fabric and have straps that go round the parent’s body to hold the carrier securely in palce and small leg holes so that your baby can sit and dangle his or her legs out. This carrier evens out the baby’s weight throughout your body and frees your hand, making it easier for you to hold your baby.

Hip Carriers

A hip carrier is a blend between a front carrier and a sling carrier. In this, the basic design is similar to a front carrier and your baby will face the front, but instead of holding your baby and placing him on your hips this carrier does it for you. Most parents are comfortable in placing their baby on their hips and this carrier helps them do just that, leaving their hands free for other chores. But on the con side, they create a lot of pressure on one side of your body, causing hip  and back problems.

Sling Carriers

Also called the ‘kangaroo carrier’ there are many mothers who use this type of carrier though they are not recommended by many professionals since your baby may suffocate in them. Sling carrier is basically a long strip of fabric that is worn over one shoulder and the waist.The infants can lie in them giving him a cosy nest like environment to snuggle in. But while using slings keep in mind the risk of suffocation and talk to your pediatrician before opting for this.

Before you buy a carrier, consider your baby’s comfort and your health too, sometimes if the carrier is not comfortable it may affect your health.

Meera M.Das