Types of Cesarean

There are two types of Cesarean sections one is and elective one and the other is an emergency one. As the name indicates in the case of an elective Cesarean you will know in advance that you are having one and can decide on a day and time for the same.
In this type of Cesarean you are given a spinal injection or an epidural which makes you numb from the waist down. You are awake all through the procedure but will not be able to see anything as there will be a surgical sheet covering the area.

A small incision is made on the bikini line and your baby is delivered. The delivery takes not more than fifteen minutes and the baby is given to you to hold while you are being stitched up. The stitching can take half an hour to forty five minutes. All through your operation you cannot actually feel pain but just a bit of tugging.

In the case of an emergency Cesarean you may be in the process of delivery through the normal vaginal delivery; but if in case a complication arises; if you are too tired to push anymore and the child is already in the birth canal or if there is foetal distress in the case of the baby, or if the baby has passed stool already while inside it gets dangerous as he can choke on it and also if the umbilical cord is caught around the baby’s neck.

In all these cases you will be rushed in for an emergency Cesarean to deliver the baby safely. In such a case you would have gone through most of the normal delivery process and then gone for an operation in which case you would have had an experience of both.

Whatever the case it is more important to have a healthy baby and for you to be fine as well. Even if you have had a Cesarean you may be able to have a normal vaginal delivery the next time. Whatever type of Cesarean you need to do your doctor will give you the exact details.