Unable to Conceive? Change Your Dietary Habits and Lifestyle

Diet plays an important role in the overall health and fitness level of a person. Many medical conditions can be attributed to our food habits and lifestyle. The same is true when it comes to infertility. The food that you eat and the lifestyle that you enjoy can sometimes be an obstacle to your becoming pregnancy.

Some foods can not only cause infertility but also affect the healthy development of your baby once you are pregnant. As such, if you have not been able to conceive for quite some time, it will be a wise decision to do a reality check on your dietary habit. It may be possible that some foods may trigger changes in the level of hormones production in your body.

And due to these hormonal changes your body may not be able to produce quality eggs and also viable sperms in men. In women the food habit affecting the chances of getting pregnant is even higher as their ovulation cycle may also be disturbed by diet triggered hormonal changes.

If your dietary habit may be the possible cause for your inability to conceive, then you should not only stop taking certain foods but also encourage the consumption of particular foods. Inability to conceive may be a sign that you are not supplying your body with certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the required amount.

The very first thing you should do in order to know what is required by your body is to go for nutritional counseling. Your nutritionist after thoroughly examining your eating habits recommends few tests to find out the deficiencies in your body. Having done so, he or she will recommend you a diet plan for you. Your nutritionist may also prescribe certain supplements.

A fertility diet is generally rich in minerals, vitamins, zinc, and calcium. You are required to take a lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and fish. While taking fruits and vegetables detoxifying your body and supplying it with essential vitamins, lean meat is rich in protein while fish is good source of omega 3.

Also, a lifestyle change may be required to cut stress and afford you more relaxation. Smoking and drinking can also adversely affect your chances of getting conceived. Stopping these habits will also help your cause.