Understanding Colic Babies

Newborn crying is a normal behavior of babies.In fact, its one of the way of infants communication with their parents.However, when a healthy baby cries and screams consistently during specific time of the day without any discernible reason then the baby is said to be colic. This is also known as infantile colic.This condition generally appears after first three weeks of birth and suddenly disappears after three to four months.

During this period of crying, the baby in inconsolable and cries continuously for hours. The crying starts during the specific time of the day generally in the early evening hours .

This often starts after feeding. It’s seen that every fourth baby is found to be colic and hence is a normal thing. The reason for being colic is yet not clear and there are only few assumptions about it.

Food is considered to be most common cause for colic babies.So, in case of breast fed babies, doctor’s advice and eliminate all stimulant food items like coffee, tea, chocolate etc from their mother’s daily diet to evaluate the baby condition. It’s also seen that mothers who smoke have greater chances of having colic babies.

Milk tolerant is considered to be one of the probable reason for colic babies in case of formula fed babies.However,its seen that is equally common in both breast fed as well as formula fed .

Doctors believe that in colic babies food moves comparatively much quickly to their digestive system and is not digested completely. Some colic babies develop gas while some have undiagnosed gastroesophageal reflux disease and hence they cry.

Some babies are very fussy and take time to adjust to this new world and so this makes  them colicky baby. In addition to this, there is also a belief that chances of having a colicky baby is more if either of the parents were themselves colic.

Handling a colic bay is not easy as it lasts for few hours every day for 3-4 months .There is no solution for this and  the best way to deal with such babies is to ease them and try to comfort them through following ways:

* Burping your babies after every feed is a must. This should be repeated as often as possible,

* Don’t overfeed and follow the feeding schedules,

* Go for small walks in parks with the baby,

* Some babies like physical stimulation and this calms them. So , take them for car rides in their baby care seats,

* Sometimes music soothes them too.

Raka Raghuvanshi