Understanding Infant Vision

Parents are always anxious about their infant’s vision. Parents of newborns generally fear if their baby can see them and the new world around them.Vision helps the infants to see the world around them and thus develops curiosity.Therefore,its important for the healthy development of kids.

Eye starts developing just after two weeks of conception and the optic nerve, internal eye structure and visual function continue to develop even after their birth. New born at the time of birth cannot see very well as their visual acuity  is 20/300.

They blink their eyes because of light .Size of their eye is about 75% of the size of the adult eye. However, slowly their visual acuity steadily improves and reaches 20/20 by the age of 2 yrs.

A new born, can see objects at a distance of 1foot only but they have color vision and so they can see colors .But still they cannot distinguish them clearly .However, after 1 – 2 weeks, babies are attracted by bright colors and bold patterns.

By 4-8weeks, an infant starts gazing at different objects and following moving objects. They try to hold and pick up toys or other objects lying close to them or in their vicinity. By 4months, they develop eye coordination for both the eyes and have more clear vision .

Their eyes become aligned and they develop three dimensional vision. By the time, infant reaches 6months, their vision becomes fully developed and so are able to see both far and near objects clearly and can even distinguish between different colors.

Thus, we see of all the five senses, vision is the least developed one at birth. Although infant eyesight developments continue even after birth but it’s seen that by providing visual stimulation, infant vision develops faster.

Good eyesight is important for everyone and especially during the childhood phase. Perfect vision helps baby’s to see the visual world around them and thus develops curiosity and accelerate in the normal development of the baby.

Perfect vision also helps infants to recognize their parents face and thus assist in developing strong bonds with their parents. So, it’s important for parents to include infant stimulation activities to accelerate their baby’s vision and thus help them develop perfect vision early.

Raka Raghuvanshi