Understanding Kids Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the common phases of children development where friends or other groups become the ruling force for them. Every individual especially during their teenage period undergo this phase. Teenagers are swayed by their peer more easily.

This peer pressure may  be in the form of similar dressing sense, hair styles, cosmetic products, similar bikes or cars, talking in similar style, choice of music, body language, changing life style,indulging into wrong habits like drugs, smoking etc Thus, peer pressure effects kids behavior in both the ways—positively as well as negatively.

Positive impact of peer pressure always helps the teenager to grow into a responsible adult .However negative impact of peer pressure on teenagers make them addicted to wrong habits like smoking, drinking etc and thus it becomes very difficult to handle and overcome the situation .

So, it’s very important for parents to understand the reasons for their kids peer pressure and provide them with proper guidance and timely support to withstand such peer pressure.

During the period of development, friends are the most influential factor in kid’s life. They believe more in their friends as compared to their family member’s .They are susceptible to peer pressure because of various reasons .Like,

  • they have similar likes and dislikes.
  • they spend maximum time with their friends
  • they want to be accepted and be the member of their friends group
  • they want to be independent  in their own way and take their own decision
  • lack of  proper parental guidance
  • insecure home atmosphere
  • in order to avoid harassment from groups or friends

Thus because of these primary reasons, teenagers get easily carried away by their friends or groups and therefore try to follow and imitate them. Although peer pressure is normal, short phase and harmless but sometimes it can become a stressful situation for parents as well as kids.

In addition to this, peer pressure develops a very unpredictable behavior in kid’s .Hence it’s essential for parents to understand that every change in their kids’ behavior due to peer pressure has a reason and they must know the reason to help them out.

Raka Raghuvanshi