Understanding Postpartum Blues

One of the most common things you will suffer from after your delivery is post partum depression.

Since it is so common and you will hear about it from almost everybody who has had a baby, it is better to understand how you can cope with it and deal with it even before you deliver.

Once you deliver and have the baby in your hands, you will suddenly find yourself helpless and will not know what to do. This problem becomes worse once you reach home. A baby can take up a lot of your time and you will actually experience a lifestyle change.

Since you know about this problem remember that even when you feel low at times, the time will pass. Talk to your spouse before the birth of your little one and discuss problems that your friends and relatives may have experienced and try and think of how you both can solve the same problem if it happens to arise.

You need to know that you will have very little time for yourself and your home, so do not worry about cleaning your home regularly. Leave it or get help. Do all this before the baby comes. Keep your expectations a bit low so that you can actually meet some of them. You are going to be very tired so do not try to be the perfect wife or daughter-in-law.

Concentrate on keeping your own self happy before thinking about things and people around you. If you can set a few rules before the arrival of the baby it will surely help you deal with the post partum blues that you may experience.

Becoming a mother is a demanding and life changing experience. Make sure you get adequate rest and sleep during the first three months and remember to eat well all through the time that you will be breast feeding. Avoid any diets and let your husband help you in any way he can.

The only way you will enjoy your baby is if you are happy. So discuss some of the problems before they actually happen so that you can have a better understanding of it and deal with it accordingly.