Understanding Underweight Kids

A kid is said to have a proper development when the weight of the kid is as per the height. This can be determined by Body Mass Index (BMI).Keeping in mind the sex and age of the kids, if the value of BMI is below 5 percentile, the kid is said to be underweight. So, in order to help the kid to gain weight, there needs to be a well balanced diet. However, in order to overcome the solution, one needs to understand the underlying causes for being underweight. 

Kids these days are very fussy about their diet. They do not eat their meals properly and hence there is lack of proper nourishment to the body and they remain underweight. Many kids have the habit of skipping morning breakfast. As a result they tend to eat lesser calories during the day as well.

Kids are always active and some are hyper active. In such cases, kids need those extra calories for that extra activity because the consumption of food as comparison to their active life is much less. So, special diet must be given to them.Stress, anxiety, food allergy may also be few other reasons for kids underweight.

Parents must keep a check on their kids eating habits. They must include all the essential nutrients in their meals like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats .Kids must be encouraged to eat fruits, green vegetables, nuts and milk for a balanced and healthy growth.

They must be taught the benefits of healthy and balanced diet .Junk foods like chocolates, candies, aerated drinks, fast food items etc are fattening foods. They are very filling and do not have any healthy benefits.Hence, they must be avoided.

Parents must work a food chart for their kid’s meals and must include kids in its preparation. Slight modifications in the recipes can help the parents to motivate kids to eat healthy food. Including high calorie diet like whole milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, nuts, cheese macaroni, pasta, puddings, potatoes etc will definitely help the kid in gaining weight. Adding non vegetarian options like meat and meat products, eggs and its various recipes is also another way of helping kids gain weight.

The only basic fundamental thing which parents must keep in my while preparing kids meals is the providing them with various options and variety to them and providing them the dish as per their choice.

However, if the kid is underweight but is always active and has proper healthy meals, then being underweight kids is not a big concern for parents.

Raka Raghuvanshi