Unisex Baby Names

Parents name their babies in a variety of ways and based on a variety of reasons too. For example there are those who decide on a baby name much before knowing the sex of the baby. And what happens when the outcome is unexpected?

No matter what, they keep the name. This trend, added with a host of other factors has led to the growth of ‘unisex names’ for babies.

So what is a unisex name? It’s a name which can be used both for a boy and a girl. Well, there were few such names in history which started this trend, but lately it is possible that any name can become unisex anytime. Unisex names are in vogue today and it is getting difficult to identify the sex of a person going just by their names.

Unisex is also known as epicene names or androgynous – that is one which can be used for a girl or a boy. Why do parents go for naming their babies with unisex names? Parents do this for a variety of reasons- some want to have their family name preserved and so no matter whether it’s a boy or girl, the name will be eternal.

Some do it because it is considered cool and in fashion these days. And as I wrote earlier, some do it because they like the name and select it much before the birth itself. One reason that makes this trend even more popular is – celebrity names. No longer can the names ‘Reese’ or ‘Drew’ be given only to a boy, thanks to Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore.

Sometimes unisex names are invented when parents try to shorten the real name or go for nicknames. For example the unisex name ‘Chris’ is very popular among all Mr.Christophers and all Ms. Christines. Another such name is ‘Sam’. But in some cases the unisex names ‘sound’ the same but when spelt, are indeed different. Examples include Sidney and Sydney.

Listed here are some of the most popular unisex names till date – Dale, Taylor, Charlie, Robyn, Kyle, Hayden, Phoenix, Jamie, Tyler, Arron, Alexis, Amari, Bailey, Campbell, Camryn, Harley, Jaidyn, Kendall, Logan, Kennedy, Dakota, London, Quinn etc.

Whatever be your reason behind selecting a unisex name for your baby, do make sure that it should never affect your child’s confidence any time in the future.