Unwanted Pregnancies: Avoiding Sexual Positions which are Ideal for Getting Pregnant

It is the desire of every woman to get pregnant and deliver a baby. Is there any couple who do not want to become parents? However, pregnancy is something which should be well planned. It should not be a product of an accident. Every couple plan a pregnancy according their convenience and delay pregnancy until the right time arrives. As such, couple uses contraceptives during sexual intercourse so that their sexual act does not lead to pregnancy.

However despite having protected sex, some women end up getting pregnant for which she is totally unprepared for. Such situations throw up a difficult time for the couple. Should I let the pregnancy proceed or should I terminate it? Couples are often caught in a dilemma in such a situation. Ultimately many of them choose abortion as the most viable option.

Now that it is clear that you can become pregnant despite using contraceptives, are there other options or precautions you can take to avoid unwanted pregnancies; may be yes. There are other alternative such as the withdrawal technique or taking emergency contraceptive pill if you had unprotected sex.

But there is another alternative which can be followed to avoid unwanted pregnancies, which altogether different. It has to do with sexual positions. The positions you adopt during an intercourse can also influence its outcome. Sexual positions and pregnancy as such is interrelated.

Trying different positions can be fun, but have you ever imagine that adopting a particular position may not be helpful or may be helpful to induce pregnancy. Now if do not to risk becoming pregnant, here are some positions which you may avoid even though they are not full proof.

The first position you not use during sexual intercourse to lessen your chances of getting pregnant is the missionary position. This is one of the most common sexual positions in which a man lies on top of his partner and penetrates by securing himself between his partner’s legs. This position allows maximum penetration where the man’s penis gets quite near to the woman’s cervix.

The second position avoidable is the rear-entry position. This is a position where the man enters the sex organ of the woman from the rear. This position again allows for maximum penetration and hence not recommended.

Lastly, you should not use the scissor position for similar reasons as above.