Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Vaginal discharge in pregnant women is quite a common phenomenon. Many women complain of discharge from their vagina during the course of their pregnancy. Such discharges are normal during pregnancy and are generally considered safe and natural part of the pregnancy process. Hence no medication is required. However, there are cases when vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be caused by factors other than pregnancy. It is when you require immediate medical attention. But before going into it, let’s first discuss briefly the causes of vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

Also known as leucorrhea, vaginal discharge may happen during the early phase of pregnancy in the first trimester or in the later stage during the third trimester. In the early stage, the discharge may be caused by increased production of estrogen hormone as well as increased supply of blood to the vaginal area. The discharge is usually clear or has a whitish appearance and is odorless. This should be no cause for concern and is totally safe.

Again in the later phase when near your due date, you may experience another discharge. This time the discharge may appear brownish or pinkish. This discharge is actually a signal that you are nearing your labor. It happens when the mucus plug is dislodged as your body prepares for labor. This mucus plug is actually a thick defensive barrier in the cervix that shields the baby in the uterus from bacterial attacks.

As your due date gets nearer this barrier also gets thinners and breaks off. Such discharge may happen gradually and may not be noticeable. In some cases, they may come out heavily. Again, such discharge is totally safe.

So types of discharges require medical attention. If the discharge is lumpy and/or is accompanied with foul smell, you may right away visit a doctor. Again, if the discharge is yellowish or greenish in appearance and is foamy, it may not be safe. Also, if you have itching in the vulva, you may require medical attention. These symptoms are unhealthy and may have been caused by yeast infections or are a sign of STD. Also, for your knowledge, yeast infection generally strikes a pregnant woman during her second trimester.