Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

A good diet plan is something that every pregnant woman has to plan out for herself.  It is required for you to have a healthy diet during pregnancy for the health of yours and the baby’s.  a balanced diet consists of minerals, vitamins, fiber, fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

So plan up a vegetarian diet, you must take care of the fact that you take all these nutrients in a good amount. Now that you are pregnant do not keep yourself away from fat and carbohydrates thinking that they will make you fat. You are pregnant and your motive should be to stay healthy and have a healthy baby.

So in vegetarian food, you must include several things like green vegetables for calcium, minerals and vitamins. They are so good for health that you must have at least 2 cups of green veggies in a day. Especially protein diet must be taken. For that you must have loads of pulses and milk. Milk also takes care of calcium level which is very much essential for pregnant ladies.

Cereals, bread and green vegetables intake take care of calcium as well as iron. Have red fruits such as apple, pomegranate, etc for iron. You must know that the baby development requires a high amount of calcium and iron so make sure you have adequate amount of it.

Dairy products are also important so make sure that you have milk and milk made products like cheese, yoghurt, etc. In the breakfast, have cereals, vitamin drink/ milk/ fresh fruit juice/ 2 bread pieces. In the lunch have green vegetable bowl and loads of fruits and bread again. For dinner, stick to fruit and vegetable salads.

If you feel hungry in between these meals then feel free to eat as the baby may need more food. You may stick to skimmed milk in case you are conscious about your body. Take calcium, vitamin and iron supplements along with vegetarian diet for pregnancy.  So in order to stay healthy, take vegetarian diet during pregnancy and do meditation and exercises as well. This would surely help you have healthy pregnancy.