Video Game Addictions In Kids And Its Cures

Game Addictions In KidsVideo games addiction is most common problem diagnosed in not only kids but adults also these days. So if adults are not safe from this kind of addiction, then saving children is very difficult and remember that video games are really like quick fixes which make you or your kids fix to the couches.

Day by Day the computer or video games are becoming realistic, attractive, complex and compelling to attract international audiences. This is the reason why many kids and teens are ditching real time sports and friends and getting glued to these more realistic characters and better graphics of latest video games. The desire to win the complex strategic challenges makes them play these games for hours together.

Some teens and kids have self control and after playing for few hours they easily leave the game and get engrossed in the real world. But for some kids the fantasy world created by these games is so engrossing that they get addicted to these games that they start neglecting their friends, family, school and work. According to a research done by World Health Organization 10 -15 percent kids are in the category of addiction to video games.

There is very fine line between the transformation of this entertaining pastime into full-blown obsession. Although we know that games boost the kids self confidence and enhance creativity too, but that is done till the time the games are not becoming an addiction just like gambling. The taste of winning and success in the game while being on the computer or T.V. make them feel like real life heroes and this feeling of triumph is what they want to experience all the time when they play and this leads to video game addiction. It is very harmful for the growth of the child. This leads to getting glued to the computer screen with bright colours and strong lights, which effects their eye sights too. This kind of addiction might lead to rebellious behaviour also in kids.

Effects Of Video Game Addiction

Excess of gaming starts affecting the brain negatively and sometimes distracts the child’s attention, which leads to the risk of developing Bipolar disorder or ADHD Syndrome in kids. So in order to divert child’s attention you should make him play indoor and outdoor games with his friends. Get involved yourself with the child in various activities like gardening, reading stories etc. Books can be a good diversion for the kids. Thus by being for them whenever they need you can help them in curing this fatal addiction.

Tips To Cure The Addiction

In order to get rid of this severe addiction you need to tell the child the harmful effects of video games and make them understand what will they lose if they will play video games all the time, their real friends. Tell them that they can play games but for limited time only. Excess of video gaming affects the brain development; however some games are very helpful in developing the IQ, concentration and knowledge of the kids. It is not so that they are always disadvantageous, but the harmful effects also cannot be ignored.

Develop Social Skills:

By teaching how to mingle with real life friends and people and make yourself happy you can cure this habit. If they start getting the same adrenaline rush or the feeling of winning with real life friends and people why would they go for non-living forms for the same fun. Generally video games alter the mood of the kids like if they are tired of studies or are feeling bored then they add sudden mood swing . This we can do by making them socially active like taking them to a park or play some indoor game with them at home itself.

Abstinence Program:

Try to abstain them from video games for few days may be two or three days at a stretch at first and in between if he asks for the video games let him play for say half an hour or so and then again bring him back to real life. Start extending the period of abstinence and slowly you will realize that the child has started following your instructions but do not be very cruel by stopping him play video games altogether, just fix his routine for playing along with the time also and stick to it. No need to take him to treatment centres or addiction camps because if this addiction is taken control initially then there is no need to worry.

Tracking The Use Of Computer:

Try to track the usage of computer by placing them in more visible area of your house and not in secluded place; like the kids room. If placed in the kid’s room they can play video games without you getting to know and keeping an eye on the usage will be difficult. For young children you can also block the particular sites but for grown up kids teach them the importance of restricted playing and try to make them aware that they a5re being watched. Thus by monitoring their computer you can easily keep a check on their habits of playing video games.

Draft a Contract For Gaming:

In order to keep a tab on the time of playing try to attach frills like if they complete their homewo9rk then only they would be allowed to play for an hour. Similar reward programs can be drafted to keep a check on the addiction. Weekends and weeknights can be given as an extra benefit for any task they complete.

Social Activity Mandatory

Playing with friends or cycling for half an hour or outdoor games should be made mandatory to make them mobile and they will get involved in other social activities this way. According to their interest make them join painting classes or music classes or any other activity class to keep them away from computer. Adult child should not be allowed to visit various chatting sites to limit their addiction. If all these steps do not restrict him from the video gaming addiction then there are 12 step programs developed by various social groups like ITAA (Internet and Tech Addiction Anonymous) which helps in curing your child. But these programs should be the last resort to follow.

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