Visiting Your Doctor Before Conceiving

Some people try to get pregnant for months and months but still do not succeed. In such a case, it would be more advisable to visit the gynecologist.

You need to think ahead for your appointment and get some of your papers and history in order. Keep a small book where you should write if you have had any surgery or serious illness in the past, or any health ailment including allergies that you may have suffered in the past. Make a note of the dates you have had your period. You will need to know if they are consistent or irregular, and even if you have a normal flow, or heavy bleeding. Write down any medication that you have been taking, even if it is in the forms of only vitamins and calcium.

Give details of any previous pregnancy or miscarriages that you might have had in the past. You need to say if you have had a still birth. Any papers relating to your pregnancy should be kept in a separate file. This will include information about your husband. this is also quite necessary. The doctor will need to know if he suffers from any diseases like anemia, or if there are any other genetic or hereditary conditions in the family.

Keep a track on the diet you have been following in the last two months. Inform the doctor if you are heavily into smoking or drinking as these aer very likely reasons for your not being able to conceive. Any birth control that you have taken in the past must also be mentioned as the doctor would need to know this.

Giving all his information to your doctor is not completely enough, and you will also need to do an internal examination of the uterus. Your husband’s sperm will also need to be sent for examination. Both of you would need to do some routine tests including a blood tests. All this information will help your doctor guide you if there is any problem and let you know how you should proceed to conceive. If there is a problem, she will also guide you on other methods of conception.