Want to Get Pregnant, Try These Few Tips

There are many couples who don’t have to try much in starting their family. However, there are few unlucky ones who after repeated attempts fail in it. Many couples after trying for a long time, become impatient and at the end just give up the idea completely. However, not many people know that although they must be trying to have a baby, their attempt may not be in the right direction or probably they need to take some extra steps to achieve the desired results.

Following are the instructions that will help you to get pregnant:

Make sure that you have intercourse in the middle of the women’s menstrual cycle. The middle period of a women’s menstrual cycle is considered to be the most fertile period as this is the time when a women is ovulating. There are many ovulation calendars available all across the internet that will show you the most fertile days for getting pregnant. Ovulation normally starts around 14 days prior to your menstrual cycle.

The ovulation calendar cum planer will not only show you the most fertile days for getting pregnant, but describes certain actions that will influence the sex of your child.

Men, while ejaculating, should see to it that he should not take his penis out until and unless he is completely through with the ejaculation.

Women should make sure that they keep a pillow under their hips in order to ensure proper sperm flow in to their vaginal hole.

After the intercourse, women should make sure that they do not urinate immediately after intercourse. Urinating, immediately after intercourse might result in to sperms getting out from the women’s vaginal hole in the process.

Just relax, and keep a calm mind before having the intercourse. Anxiety and nervousness will make you stressed and as a result you will not be able to perform the intercourse in an appropriate manner.

After having intercourse, a woman should lie on the bed with legs folded above and wide open. This will ensure proper flow of sperms inside her body.

In order to have high sperm counts, make sure that you do not wear tight briefs and replace them by cotton boxers.  Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and have a balanced diet.

Continue to have sex for all the days that you are ovulating. The more you try the optimum the result you are going to get.

Women should also keep a tab on their weight. Over weight or obese women face trouble in getting pregnant.