Want to Stop Producing Breast Milk? Try These Methods

Breastfeeding is a natural desire for many women. Nutritional benefits of breastfeeding apart, the sense of satisfaction that you derive in feeding your own baby is unique and best known to you. However, for several reasons, many women prefer not to breastfeed or stop breastfeeding. May be, it is their personal choice or it can also be that the hectic working schedule of these moms prevents them from breastfeeding their babies.

In such cases, these moms also want the process of breast milk production to stop. Or for a few socially active women, breast milk leakage may be an embarrassing reoccurrence. As such, these women burn midnight oil thinking how to stop producing breast milk. Stopping breast milk production is quite tough especially since milk production is a natural process and to alter natural process is not an easy task.

There are, however, several methods to stop breast milk production which have to be used in combination and not in isolation. Some methods work in some moms while the same methods may not be effective in other women. As such, these methods have to be used in combination. You can also seek help from a lactation expert. He or she is the best person who can advise you on aspects relating to lactation. Nevertheless, you may try the following techniques to stop producing breast milk.

First, stop breastfeeding your baby and switch to bottle feeding. You can also try and start feeding solid food to your baby if she or he is at least twelve months old. The production of breast milk is controlled by certain hormones and these hormones can be controlled by your feelings. If you develop a feeling that your baby needs your breast milk, the milk producing hormones are stimulated.

As such, try to develop a feeling that your baby can do without your breast milk. Secondly, you can use a tight-fitting sports bra which can actually give a binding effect to your breasts. Binding is an age-old method of reducing and gradually stopping breast milk production. Also, avoid breast contact with warm water during bathing or otherwise. Warm water acts to stimulates breast milk production. Lastly, taking birth control can also quicken the process of stopping breast milk production. However, always consult a physician before taking up this method.

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