Warning Signs Of Miscarriages

Warning Signs Of MiscarriagesIn spite of various complications involved during pregnancy, it is still considered to be a joyful journey in every woman’s life. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of womanhood which is cherished by all moms. However, pregnancy involves lot of medical complications and hence needs to be handled very carefully.

One of the most common and unpleasant situation experienced by few women during this period is miscarriage. Medical terminology for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion. These days, about 20%-50% of pregnancies end in miscarriages. Miscarriages do not involve any physical complications .Most of the women recover within few months after miscarriage.

But,if the dead tissues remain in the womb, infections may occur and then uterine scaping is done to take out these remaining tissues. However, miscarriages involves lot of emotional complications .These expecting parents especially women undergo a chain of emotions like anger, guilt and grief. It hurts their sentiments and emotions very badly and in severe case, miscarriage may lead the women to severe depression.

There are various factors for miscarriages and hence every pregnant woman should take care of these factors to avoid miscarriages.

Women are gifted with the ability to give birth to their babies. However, as they grow old their probability to conceive baby reduces .This is because of medical reasons like efficiency of menstruation cycle decreases. Moreover, even if they conceive and become pregnant in later stage of their age (after 30 years), the chances of miscarriages increases. Growing age, also increase the chances of other medical complications like Down syndrome etc.Therefore, to avoid miscarriages and other pregnancy complications, every woman who wish to extend their family must try and conceive before 30 years of their age.

Miscarriages are spontaneous and usually occur during the early week’s o f pregnancy. Many a times, the women do not even realize that miscarriage has happened to her. Amongst some of the reasons responsible for miscarriages, complications and defects in the chromosomal development of the fetus, is one of the major reason which leads to miscarriages.

Women having anatomical abnormalities such as uterine fibroid also have higher chances of having spontaneous abortion. Trauma, infections, diabeties, high blood pressure, antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) are other common factors responsible for miscarriages. Women who lead a lifestyle which includes smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse etc as a part of their daily life has greater chances of miscarriages. So, for a healthy pregnancy, women should avoid leading such unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, they must include exercise and other healthy habits for their healthy and normal pregnancy.

Most miscarriages occur during the first trimester, but physical complications like uterine or cervical abnormalities immune system disorder are accounatble for miscarriages in second trimester. Signs and symptoms of miscarriages and pregnancy are very common. Therefore, every pregnant woman should not take any of these pregnancy signs casually. Rather they should always visit and consult their doctor about the same.

Vaginal bleeding also termed as spotting is generally related to miscarriage. It is usually the first sign of miscarriage and generally occurs during the first phase of pregnancy .However, bleeding or spotting do not always mean miscarriage. Many women experience vaginal bleeding at some time or the other during their pregnancy phase. It may be light or heavy, regular or irregular. Vaginal bleeding can be accompanied by either pain or without pain. Miscarriage caused due to vaginal bleeding is either due to cervical irritation or process of implantation. What ever be the reason, vaginal bleeding or spotting should never be ignored .Pregnant women should always report their problem with their doctor.

Almost all pregnant women experiences abdominal pain .This pain is generally due to expansion of the uterus .It is milder and similar to menstrual cramps.However,severe abdominal pain, especially in early pregnancy days, is life threatning.It should always be investigated. It can be the case of ectopic pregnancy, that is pregnancy condition where the baby is implanted outside the uterus.

Pregnancy has its own set of some common symptoms like morning sickness, breast soreness etc.However,if the pregnant women observes a loss of  these symptoms ,then they must inform their doctor about the same. It can be the symptom of miscarriage. But the same does not hold true in every case. This is because these pregnancy symptoms vary from one pregnant woman to another .Besides this; these pregnancy symptoms vary and are different for different phase of pregnancy.

Sudden weight loss, severe vomiting, dizziness and painful contractions for longer period are few other symptoms of miscarriage. Pain while urinating, burning sensation, or frequent urination also indicates towards miscarriage. During late second trimester, a pregnant women starts feeling the fetus movement.So, they must always keep a regular check on their movements. If she does not feel the movement of the baby for certain period of time, then she must consult her doctor. It helps the doctor to monitor the fetal heart rate and take necessary action.

Sometimes in the second or third trimester, a women undergoes either of the following signs of preterm labor .In such cases, women should always urgently rushed to her doctor.

* Frequent contractions
* Vaginal discharge changes
* Pain in the pelvic region
* Abdominal cramps similar to menstrual cramps
* Backache

Miscarriages are not by choice .So, would be moms should never feel guilty of doing something wrong. There is always a possibility of getting pregnant again. Couples can always plan to start their family after few months. Husbands should always wait for few months and give their wives some time to recover from physical and emotional complications of miscarriage she has undergone .If a women suffers from multiple miscarriages, test must be conducted before conceiving and in between the pregnancy to find out the reason for repetitive spontaneous abortions.

Symptoms of miscarriages are very common and can be very easily overlooked.However, its always advisable for the couple especially expecting moms to be bit careful during her pregnancy days. Miscarriages can be prevented by detecting these symptoms or signs early and taking precautionary measures. Consulting doctor and obeying their advice, prevents miscarriages .Restricted activities and bed rest, prevents miscarriages.

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Raka Raghuvanshi