Washing Newborns Clothes

Arrival of newborn babies in the family brings along a lot of responsibilities and challenges .This keeps the new mom always preoccupied with various tasks. Along with the various challenges one of the most delicate challenges for moms is taking care of their newborns clothes.

Cleaning baby’s clothes is a very easy process but it needs proper care and knowledge. Newborns skin is highly sensitive and hence parents should take extra care during the washing process of their infant’s clothes .So, for washing of newborns clothes, parents must use very mild washing detergents which do not have any harmful chemicals and is not harsh.

Parents must make it a point to rinse the clothes with water thoroughly so that no detergent is left on the clothes. This protects the newborns delicate and sensitive skin from unwanted skin rashes, irritations or other skin problems.

Kids are easily  prone to various infections.Therefore,it is important to  disinfect the clothes .Add antiseptic liquids during the washing process especially during the rinsing process in order to make their infants clothes bacteria and germ free. This is especially important for cotton diapers in order to avoid urine infections.

It’s always better to soak the baby’s clothes in detergent water for few minutes as per the washing instructions of the garment before washing them in washing machines. This helps to remove the dirt more easily.

In addition to this, parents must try and wash clothes of light and dark shades separately in order to avoid any color bleeding of dark color garments and thus staining the lighter colored ones. It’s also wise to wash nappies separately and not to mix them with the other clothes.

Parents must always wash the new clothes of their infants before making them wear it. This helps to remove the various dirt and germs present on the clothes when placed in the shops .In addition to this, it also makes the clothes softer and comfortable for the delicate skin of the newborns.

Parents must wash their baby’s clothes separately and should not wash them along with the family laundry.Newborn clothes should be dried in the dryer. This makes the clothes germ free and fresh.

Raka Raghuvanshi