Watching Your Weight Through Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you just have to  indulge yourself. This is definitely not the period to watch your weight or your calorie intake. You have to be sensible and eat well. This is the only way you can give your baby good health and make sure your baby grows adequately within your body. You also need to gear up to be able to take care of the baby after it is born.

The ideal amount of weight that a mother should put on through the entire pregnant phase is between twelve and fifteen kilograms. This should be enough to give your baby all it needs. Putting on less than this amount might be a little worrying since the baby might not be growing enough. Too much weight gain could also result in problems. If the mother herself is very small built and light, there may be a little less weight she puts on, but it should not be significantly less.

If the mother puts on too much weight during pregnancy it might be a problem. To begin with, putting on excess weight during pregnancy does not guarantee that you will have a very large, bonny baby. Some mothers who are careful and put on just the right amount have healthy, bonny babies, while others who have put on much more can have puny, lighter children. Another problem with too much weight gain is that you can have additional problems during the later stages of your pregnancy.

This can include an elevated blood pressure, swelling on the hands and feet, and also breathlessness. Being too overweight causes breathlessness which could also have a negative effect on you during labour. The mother tires faster and is unable to gather enough strength to push the baby out during labour. Too much weight gained is also extremely difficult to lose post pregnancy.

It is important to gauge weight gain through every stage. Initially, the baby is only growing its vital organs and preparing itself. The weight gain in the first trimester is not very large. This is also because some people experience morning sickness and are averse to eating large portions of food. However, it is important to make sure that there is some weight gained, and that the mother does not lose any weight during this time.

In the second trimester, you will notice that the amount of weight gained regularly will increase. This is because the baby is starting to grow bigger along with developing complex functions in it’s body. You should start paying attention to your foods more carefully now since the baby will need a combination of all nutrients to be able to develop equally in all aspects. Remember that weight gain does not mean that you need to have only fat laden foods to help increase weight. You need to eat intelligently and supplement your diet with all food types.

Similarly, do not eat all food sources and cut fats out assuming that you will put on too much weight. Fats are very crucial for the child to be able to grow well. Do not deny the baby this.Your weight will start to increase rapidly in the third trimester. The baby grows to it’s full size in these months. Moreover, there is maximum development of the brain, and it starts to show. Eat cleverly now, and do not stack up on foods, since the baby is growing fast, and your weight gain added to the increasing weight of the baby will all multiply together.